What Is Dine Market?


Dine Market is the go-to wholesale marketplace tailored to the hospitality industry.​


We are offering a complete online solution for the foodservice suppliers.


Learn about a new and affordable way to take your business online.

“It increased our exposure,”

“It adds about five or six new customers on a monthly basis.”

"Dine Market, an app-based service that allows restaurants to place and manage their orders to suppliers.​"


“Normally when you order, you don’t see price totals or weight totals until the next day,” 

“With Dine Market I can make orders, see totals, compare that to my budget and make adjustments all at once.”

Trusted By Amazing Brands

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 For a special introductory price of $198, we setup your catalog, update your prices, and save you hundreds of hours on data entry and site management.


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Sell Smarter !​

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Increase Sales

Join a wholesale food marketplace and display your products to some of the best chefs, owners and purchasers in the hospitality industry.​

Reduce Order Processing Time

Remove the hassle, the missed calls and the piles of paperwork with our online processing so you can focus on more important things, your customers.​

Easy Catalog Management

Sell more with your entire catalog automatically displayed to your customers, it's easier than ever to add multiple price levels, promote and feature products and special offerings to buyers.​

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Call (646) 606-2380 To Get Started​

Call (646) 606-2380 To Get Started​

Online Business Made Easy


We provide a fully integrated and robust e-commerce marketplace with a suite of tools to market, sell and manage your customers.



Suppliers - Producers - Farmers - Manufacturers

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Access It Anytime And From Anywhere


With our mobile app you can update your customers, your products, and track your orders no matter where you are.

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Your customers want to order online from you! Now you can launch your own fully branded web store where your customers can browse your catalog and place orders quickly, easily, at any time and from any place.


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